What is CUMULUS and Why is it the Right Solution for Your SME?

CUMULUS is a proven cloud based ERP and business systems solution approach, which delivers an entirely new perspective for those small to medium companies eager to move on from myriad point-to-point applications, manual books or spreadsheets that lack the cohesion and fundamental value that are brought by using CUMULUS. It is fully integrated business management solution used by global organisations the world over to run their processes online and in real-time. It is designed for small and mid-size organisations, delivering a unified view of business information across customer relationship management, services and finance.

CUMULUS users simply pay a monthly subscription and they get connected to the service, which is run, upgraded and maintained by Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS).

But, why Choose CUMULUS?
Start-up and fast growing companies need a competitive advantage against their larger and more established competitors. With that in mind, focusing efforts on income generating activities is essential to maximising their growth. Many companies face the challenge of running manually or using fragmented business software – both, which result in the need to commit a lot of time just on keeping the books in order. This effectively splits the time between the core business of companies and maintaining back-office sanity.

By using CUMULUS, companies get a simple and easy-to-use solution which comprehensively manages the enterprise’s information from end-to-end, giving a 360 degree view of the business and through this, facilitating informed daily business decisions. With that covered, companies can then focus their energy on productive activities which build their revenue streams.

The Benefits of Using CUMULUS
Among many, here are some of the key benefits that can be derived from using CUMULUS:

Guaranteed short implementation times
The average time for us to set up access for a new company is just a couple of days. Which means, our clients start realising Return on Investment quickly too.

CUMULUS grows with your business
When choosing business software, scalability is always key. CUMULUS allows businesses to scale up as they grow, by simply adding or upgrade existing licences when businesses needs them. CUMULUS can cater for a range of as low as 1 user all the way up to 250 user enterprises.

Low set-up costs
You’ll fall in love with the idea of your business solution sitting on the cloud because apart from a very quick setup time, a correspondingly low setup cost is also required. This means, businesses can run on the best software while saving money to invest in other activities which grow profits.

Running CUMULUS eliminates any need to worry about IT
We maintain the infrastructure in which CUMULUS runs, including ensuring iron-clad data security, 99.9% uptimes and instant upgrades. This means, our clients don’t have to worry about hiring people to maintain the infrastructure, or buying the infrastructure itself. CUMULUS comes with 24/7 access. It’s there, on demand.

Use it anywhere (Work is what you do, not a place)
Agile businesses run anywhere in response to ever-changing business dynamics. Users running CUMULUS can access their software from anywhere and at anytime, as long as they have an internet connection. It’s the modern way of running businesses.

Automatic updates and maintenance
When you host your software on-site, it can take days to months just to get simple upgrades plugged into business software. The time gets even longer when waiting times are involved. Updates to CUMULUS are applied to the solution on the server – which means, they are applied quickly and especially, all our clients get them the moment they are available automatically.

CUMULUS is a robust business solution made especially for Small to Medium Enterprises. For more information, visit the CUMULUS solution site.

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