Adapt to Avoid Extinction: ICT Dynamism in Business

Extinction is becoming the biggest end result for those individuals and their businesses who are not taking aboard the trajectory driven by ICTs in this century going forward. As mankind fighting for survival, we are really caught up in a phenomenon of phases old, current and coming ones in the way business and the social side of our lives is going by.

The intensity and speed of wave and movement which technologies are being enhanced and adopted is just too much for the ordinary technology to keep a business competitive. As such by being adopted for use mainly to gain what has become so common in the name of “competitive advantage” the changes have become too fast and delicate for laggards and skeptics to keep life right on track the business way. It is for these reasons that we exist to rescue and move businesses forward competitively with our techno-savvy experts.

Some may argue with this truth, especially those in the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in the sense that they have been surviving on the old methods and will still continue surviving as such. However, surely with the rate at which we are going, ten years or even less can guarantee their extinction. New methods have over-taken old ones and without a doubt, small businesses are starting to reap benefits from the invention of new technologies to transact and operate in business.

The little and the very important aspect which many businesses seem unaware of is that we are using the modern ICTs by default and circumstance, and not by strategy! The consequence of this deficiency, then, is that a business, no matter how successful, begins to lose its competitiveness in the global ecosystem where ICT dynamism is even more complex. But even that is looking too far into facts, in Africa, the rate of uptake of technologies in business is already so rapid that even in the local environment, traction is lost where innovation is absent.

In the ‘ICT thrust mindset’, businesses need a strategic approach to even the simplest technologies which are available – from enterprise resource planning systems and operational software, to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, blogs and even those technologies which seemed to only be for personal use such as Whatsapp and Viber. The absence of such strategies can mean a cutback on meaningful insight. Quite a number or businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large corporates, have enhanced these to force-market themselves into the crowded but capital weak market.

For small and large businesses, SAP is effectively and largely covering technological necessities and even adopting new ones initially thought to be needless of technology. Various packages offered by the solution have the advantageous thrust for businesses as it offers a centralised approach to the whole enterprise in an integrated manner.

From on-premise solutions to cloud-based and simplified innovations, business has just transcended into its own ecosystem laden with endless possibilities of doing things better, faster, smarter and simpler. On these platforms, the technological thrust is far much on a high in terms of readiness and preparedness for new versions that will obviously continue to be invented in this technologically dynamic century which we are living in. The encouragement is just adaptation and enhancement to keep afloat in the always changing business theatrics for market competence and survival. Businesses are not being spared from the threat of extinction which many have fallen victim to.

Really, in a verifiable way, intelligent enterprise resource planning systems have now graduated to guarantors of business survival, technologically extending the possibilities and opportunities through the means of modern of ICTs.

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