SAP Analytics Powers Cricket Over New Boundaries

Sports fans and cricket enthusiasts, another dream has come true. SAP has gone one step further in merging technology and sports. The International Cricket Council (ICC) finally partnered with SAP as the official Analytics and Cloud Partner for the 2015 Cricket World Cup which started on Friday the 13th of February.

At first glance, SAP and cricket may not appear as the most natural matchup. It’s easy to ask yourself, “What does a German multinational software corporation know about a ball and a bat?” Well, due to the technology advancements SAP has made, there’s very little it doesn’t know. As a side-note, even, we can think back to the World Cup and German national team and their first victory in 14 years; which SAP’s advanced analytics solutions played a part.

That’s admissible evidence that SAP and the ICC’s decision to hinge on powerful applications for analytics proves that this young partnership is definitely a step in the winning direction for both parties.

What role is SAP playing in sports? In a statement, it’s beautifying the way sporting events are consumed, interpreted and their outcomes predicted. While broadcasters stream sporting events live, SAP HANA is hosting cloud data on the match statistics, player facts and performance – all made available in real time throughout the tournament. The net effect – SAP is bringing fans all over the world closer and more intimate with sport. Fans are getting access to digested terabytes of data and by these means, are being empowered to understand, analyse and make their own predictive conclusions on every single aspect of the games.

At the end of the competition, questions such as “Who was the best batsman of the tournament?” will be easily answered with complete confidence by the fans.


The ICC’s official Match Centre, which is powered by SAP HANA, hosts insights on historical facts, live scores and score projections. Other types of real time match data are readily available to fans such that they can compare the performance of a team across different matches. Even fans new to cricket have all the data available.

Cricket is often seen as a complicated sport that generates so many questions on player performance and just like many other sports where SAP HANA has been seen in play such as soccer and Formula One, SAP is demystifying exciting parts of getting intimate with sport by providing real-time data and analytics. If cricket gains new fans as a result of the collaboration between ICC and SAP, without doubt, it will be considered a win for both the ICC and SAP and the beginning of great things for both sides.

More in-sport analytics will be coming from SAP and these have already been announced through its partnerships. According to GeekWire Magazine, Panasonic, for instance, wants to install four ultra-wide-angle HD cameras in soccer stadiums and use real-time stitching to create a 64:9 panoramic video. These cameras track individual players in real-time — no sensors need to be worn — and thanks to SAP’s analytics software, can calculate a bevy of interesting statistics, like total distance run, ball possession time, balls won, pass completion, and other similar numbers.

SAP and its partners will change live broadcasts. That revolution has already begun.

Image Credit: ICC Cricket

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