Cloud Vs On-Premise: What’s Right for Your Business Strategy?

Strategy follows the structure and vision of an organisation. In many, if not all cases, the ultimate goal of an organisation is to be successful in whatever business they are engaged in, with core focus on the customer. Over the years change has been one of the fastest trends - changes in the ways things Read more [...]

Social Networks: The One Place Customers are (Probably) Being Honest About Your Brand

One of the biggest headaches brands and companies face is getting customer feedback. The case is far from the fact that the information is not out there – it’s the reliability of the data that’s just so shaky. With that, comes the risk that product and service strategies can be founded on ‘facts’ Read more [...]

The ‘Motif’ of Successful Strategy Execution Through IT Systems

In an ever changing business environment, executives need not to be caught unaware of changing consumer needs.  In as much as the strategy crafting, implementation and review may be as complex and taxing as it may, the business world on the other hand is not sympathetic to anyone who may be found inapt Read more [...]