3 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in SAP

Student, graduate or professional, there is a long list of great reasons why it is a good idea to consider taking up a career in SAP. Not only is is rewarding to possess the skills in one of the leading business software in the world, association with the SAP brand can have competitive career benefits. Among the many, here are three well worth considering.

SAP skills are highly sort after
Almost invariably, having SAP skills boosts employability to the ninety percentiles because of one simple fact: SAP skills are on very high demand the world over. As more companies come to realise the power in running their enterprises on SAP software, the uptake of its software solutions is exponentially increasing in Africa, and the world. Which means, the appetite for SAP-related skills is correspondingly growing. To put things into perspective, SAP has 263,000 customers in 188 countries.

If you equip yourself with good SAP skills and the right certification, therefore, you put yourself into a very dynamic job market by

SAP is global
SAP is the same everywhere. While headquartered in Germany, SAP’s reach has spread to every continent in the world with the markets in each of the regions where it is actively present increasing by the day. This established an excellent career opportunity for any certified SAP career-person in that you can work anywhere in the world. This flexibility is improved by the fact that SAP, its partners and customers generally have an openly global recruitment strategy.

With that in mind, with the right skills, the opportunity to working anywhere in the world under an SAP career are vast.

The SAP spectrum is inclusive
The diversity of the aspects of business covered by SAP is all-inclusive – over the last four decades SAP has created solutions which cater for finance, logistics, operations, human resource management, administration, business intelligence, risk management, customer relationship as well as tax and revenue management, only to mention but a few. The industry software engineered by SAP is as diverse as the needs it seeks out to address across different industrial sectors, size and nature of operations.

In terms of career alignment in SAP, as a result, the leeway for persons coming from different educational and professional backgrounds is wide. Be it accounting, social sciences or sales, etc…there is an opportunity for a plethora of educational qualifications to be matched to functional areas in business which are mapped out in SAP solutions.

This diversity not only spells a good point of entry, but allows for opportunities for growth and new learning through opportunities for cross-functional movement.

All in all, there are many great reasons on pursuing a career in SAP – and the benefits of getting into the SAP workspace can make a way into a satisfying, exciting and very rewarding career.

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  1. efficiency midzi

    its a good software altogether.but i wanted to ask that will a graduate trainee be paiid during the course of learning


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